Tomorrow will be our last day. Where does the time go?


This morning wasn't anything super special, other than having oranges with breakfast which was a super nice treat. The first 7km were moderate uphill then we got into some climbing sections. We stopped in a breezy area for some chips then climbed a decent ascent. The view from the top was amazing and the whole way down was beautiful. We moved slowly and saw tons of people but I had music playing and was soaking in every second of the beauty. The colors got me today, such beautiful colored rocks! Man, I probably sound like I'm losing it. Anyways, we stopped for lunch in a canyon with purple granite walls and hugged the walls for shade and stopped by a waterfall. Pretty spectacular, and it actually made a trickle sound! The water flowed down the rock then went straight into the ground! So cool! Also, we got to watch a lot of people climb up and down it which was entertaining. A girl named Ella came along with a few other young kids chatted with us for a while with pretty good English before their parents caught up and all climbed down. Ella was really outgoing and smart; kids amaze me sometimes. We siesta'd for 3 full hours like lazy bums then did some more serious climbs and descents in the afternoon. The trail didn't match up with the description super well, but whatever. At 5 we took another snack break and decided to stop earlier than the book’s plan. We finished the day with another steep climb, and good music really helped me cruise to the top. My feet are sore and my ankles are tired but we're cowboy camped at the top of a hill. It's breezy but you can see Jordan and possibly Egypt as well. Pretty amazing. Can't wait to be at the beach tomorrow!