It's almost 9pm as I write this - aka super late and way past my bedtime these days. I'm exhausted, so we'll see how this goes.

I woke up to pee in the middle of the night as usual and it was probably 2 something? As I stood there in the silence and darkness I noticed there were no stars anymore and thought to myself 'hmmm, must be cloudy' then went back to sleep. I woke up again at 4 to some light rain, and by 430, Russ was out putting the vestibule up because it was pouring, thundering, and the lightning was so bright it felt like a strobe beaming into the tent. We watched for a while as the cracks came out of the sky, then eventually went back to sleep. The wind, rain, and booming was still going at 6 when we usually get up so we read until things calmed down a bit. We were on trail by 9 and the lighting was flat and hazy all day.

We walked up and down all day, nothing super noteworthy. Moshe, an Israeli man who we met early on in the day was either 200 yards in front of or behind us all day. He grew on me throughout the course of the day with a wave here and there, and introducing us to north bounders as the fast Americans. Today was another mostly music day, but the scenery felt like mars. Russ and I finished off the day at Timna Park and hitched to what the book said would be a grocery store.

Wrong. We got to town, and found out that we were basically at Tillamook (for those who don't know, Tillamook is dairy that has a tour, gift shop, restaurant, ice cream bar, and what not... kind of a park type thing?). The place had some food, but it wasn't a grocery store and definitely wasn't worthy of a resupply. We charged and snacked and made a new plan - get food tomorrow afternoon since tomorrow is a small mileage day. Ugh I know I'm shorting this one but I'm so tired! We took a bus back to Timna and are now camped 100 yards or so off the highway - far from scenic but oh well. Also we are so so close to the end - 3 more days.