I woke up early to switch out things on the one outlet. Also, I slept like garbage last night, because of my hips again. Only a few more days to go. Once we were packed and had eaten our daily oatmeal, we headed out. We took some photos before leaving since the place was so strange. It took us a minute to find the trail, but once we did it was easy walking all day. We passed some IDF folks shooting things for training, then stopped under an underpass for a snack in the shade. The underpass reminded me of a PCT moment again and I daydreamed about how much I miss that trail.

After that we pressed on, lost the trail, then found it and back tracked a bit to see some sand dunes. The dunes were followed by more road walking, and after an hour or so I realized I was missing my bandana. My PCT bandana. I tried to hold tears back but I couldn't. I cried, threw my pack to the ground, proceeded to kick it then sat down in the dirt. That bandana was so sentimental, and it had somewhere over the past 15km fallen from my pack. I felt like an idiot for losing it, and so there I was crying in the dirt over a tiny piece of fabric. Russ walked back to the dunes but didn't see it and I didn't want to waste all day backtracking so on we went.

Once again Russ saves the day. I often think I'm not worthy of him, or that I'm too mean for his Midwestern deep down goodness. As we pressed on I thought about karma and what I possibly did to deserve this? Or why the universe was trying to teach me something, or why the trail just felt like it sucked in general today. Blah. Headphones went it promptly. We continued on the road then up a hill that was all sharp rocks. My feet ached and I kicked the ground some more. The trail felt like it was bullying me and I was so exhausted from it. We reached the top of the hill and right as I was mid curse in my head, we saw there was a guy walking towards us. As we got closer we said hey and you could immediately tell he was from the States. We chatted water and such with him and he said he had done the CDT recently - and he had on a fresh pair of Altras. What's that phrase? "The trail provides"? Yeah. Just as I stomped the ground, the trail sent me an amazing thru hiker, wearing a hikertrash hat and all, who said he would look out for my bandana.

Thanks trail.

After that things were better. We stopped for lunch, which also greatly improved my mood. While listening to TED radio hour we stopped at a strange Camel Camp to fill our water.

We camped close to the edge of a cliff, and watched Bottle Rocket on my phone with an amazing view and even more amazing stars at night. And it's so warm out! I'm exhausted but we have 4 more days of hiking left, which is so so strange!