30 km

My shoes falling apart is taking its toll on my body. As I lay here my feet ache so badly and the hip pain is so uncomfortable I can barely find a way to lay that relieves the pain. Also the rash is still on my legs, and blisters on my feet.

We got moving pretty early this morning and began our walk with puffys on. The elevation today was strange. 10km of flat on dirt road mostly, then one big climb, then like 7km on rolling hills on dirt roads, then big decent then then 10 km of more dirt roads. The climb and decent were canyons. Complete with ladders, rungs, and ropes, straight up and straight down.

The morning was cool and we listened to classical music out loud as the sun rose on our backs. Time flew by and throughout the day we tried to call a kibbutz to rent bikes for tomorrow. The first ten km flew by and before we knew it we were headed up. Photos are the only real way to show how cool it was, but inside these canyons it's breathtaking and shaded which is a huge plus.

Upon scrambling out of the top, we walked on the rolling hills and chatted for a while about bikes and what not. As we began the decent we noticed the Swiss trio up ahead as well as another couple headed down for the canyon. At the first ladder there was a slight traffic jam, so Russ and I stopped for a snack. We were both hungry and I needed something before lots of downhill.

After grape leaves and letting the crowd spread out a bit, we went down some more massive ladders (again photos will be better to explain) then took our siesta in the shade at the bottom of the canyon. I was chilled and bundled in puffy jackets as we read and stuffed our faces, backs leaned on the chalky rock. Siestas always go by too fast, and we packed up after an hour and a half of lounging. It was now close to 3, and we were both stiff, but we cruised seeing as dirt roads are easy. I put in headphones and danced along in solitude with Russ behind me. Time dragged a bit, but my back chafe was better today and the music was helping me block out pain.

As we walked into the sun we got word that bikes would not be available tomorrow, which is a pretty huge bummer. The trail tomorrow is 28km of road walking - which numerous people going north have told us sucks and isn't worth doing. After arriving at camp, and snacking on some brownies we decided that we don't need to punish ourselves. We're taking out first day off tomorrow and are going to sleep in and hitch to a kibbutz recommended to us by many. I'm super excited to give my feet a day off before heading into the final few days. They've been pretty swollen with the heat and my shoes are so thin and rocky (rocks on the inside since they have holes that are almost 2").

Also I'm always so tired at like 8pm. Helpppp.

PS - I took most of my photos on my camera today so the good pictures will come later, sorry!




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