28 km


Cowboy camped as I type this.


Both of us woke up tired from staying up listening to Eric's show. I also went to bed hungry twice last night, which led to an unsatisfying breakfast. We packed up and got moving but things were slow. After starting kind of late, and having to make up some kms from yesterday, we walked on the dirt road but it still dragged. As we walked, the techno was still in the distance and a pup came darting between us. We both looked around for another person but didn't see anyone. The dog zoomed around, darting from place to place then ran out of sight. We walked on. Then more pup. We didn't name it this time and we got passed by a guy jogging and were relieved thinking the dog was his. We sat down for a break and some snacks and guess who joined? This pup! She was more shy than Ernie but was defiantly moving kind of with us. After a km or two we stopped and again to look at the book and the dog laid down in the shade behind a sign panting very heavily. It was also already pretty hot at 9am. The dog had a collar on with phone numbers on it, so we gave her some water and made some calls. After a WhatsApp pin drop the guy said he would be there in 10 minutes. We waited and the dog ran off again. Chasing birds and bunnies, having the time of its life. We waited and when a man arrived in a truck with his two young kids he told us she's run away before, and last time she made it all the way to Mitzpe Ramon (which was a few days back hiking). Once that whole craziness was done, we continued on. The sun blazed and the trail was on a dirt road all day. Gradually grinding up, and boring. We talked for a while, then listened to music, and Russ even attempted to walk with his eyes closed and made it a hundred steps. At one point we walked up a pretty steep hill and the sand/dust is what I imagine the moon being like. It was so light and fluffy and grey! Pretty cool until I realized how much dirt was in my shoes now. Eventually, close to noon, we tucked under a thorny tiny little shrubby tree and napped /lunched/siesta’d for 2 hours.

Siestas are amazing. Once we got moving again though my body felt re-energized for a while and time flew. I had music on again to distract from my own head and the pain my feet have been in. My shoes died a while ago - aka they have no cushion or padding or support anymore. So I've developed these weird rubs on the bottoms of my feet. Not fully blisters but just rubs. It's almost like my body remembers the last time it blistered and doesn't want to go there. Also, back chafe came back today, my shirt has a massive armpit hole and I still have a rash all over my legs - just for an update.

Oh and we ran into our Swiss "friends" again today! We never see them at night... so it's kind of strange. Also, this afternoon, once we got to the designated campsites we walked an extra bit to a road to hitch and get some water. The last bit of walking I was really jamming out to classical music which I think Russ likes to watch because I look like a total spaz. We got a ride relatively quick from an older man and his son who had been out hiking. They drove us to a nearby gas station where we filled up water and ate hot dogs and ice cream. Hitching back was a little bit tricky as it was getting dusky, but we got a ride from a surfer bro type who invited us to come with him to some place that is a mediation retreat type place?

Anyways, we didn't cook tonight yet because we're both still full from the gas station treats. Also the stars are so gooood tonight!


PS- Shoutout to Russ who I know reads this for annoying the crap out of me while I try to write this by singing and attempting to contribute.