Dry tent morning. Always the sign of a promising day. We kicked things off with a massive climb first thing, but once we were literally over that hill, the rest of the day was pretty mellow. One other climb looked bad but wasn't. Things in the desert always look scarier than then are. Most of the time. The climbs look so intimidating.

Anyways the morning was pretty simple and we only took one snack break. The geography is crazy and it's strange to imagine water flowing through some of these valleys, even though it feels so much like a river bed, it's just so dry.

Today, we kind of rushed all morning to get to town. Once again it's Friday, aka the beginning of the Sabbath. The grocery store closed at 1:00 and we arrived in the small town of Sapir around 11:30. We shopped and snacked on some popsicles. The shopping was pretty bleak but luckily Israeli couscous is amazing with a soup mix for flavor, so that's been our go-to. Also they didn't take cards so luckily I had enough cash, but it was close. We lounged on some grass in the town’s park after getting all of our errands done and read. It was so nice, and we struggled to get moving again.

When we did, it was close to three, and the rest of the walking was pretty painfully boring and on a dirt road. Music was a must, also Russ and I almost got separated when he stopped to use the bathroom - fortunately there is service where we are again. I spent a while having a Skype interview and we had super yummy ravioli with pesto, mushrooms and tomatoes for dinner. We also built a kite that I'm super excited to test tomorrow. I passed out early but we woke up around midnight to listen to our friend Eric's radio show. They proceeded to chat about Girl Scout cookies, which didn't help the fact that I was already hungry. Now I can hear weird electronic music bass lines in the distance and I’m hungry.

Also it's so warm out!