Last day!

We woke up on the hill top and packed up. The terrain was slow and the "spring" the book had claimed runs year round was dry. Then, we arrived at a narrow vertical climb up a crack in some rocks that we had to wait for a large group to get down before we could go up. Also, doing this without another person to hand packs up to would definitely be tricky. We headed up on dirt roads then crossed a road. I wasn't in a great mood for a bunch of reasons, but after some chatting I was feeling better and ready to embrace the last day.

After crossing the road we got some good looks at Egypt and the border fence, then dropped into a canyon gradually. The descent took forever and kept going down and down. It was hot, and we were navigating a lot of rocks, so it was just slower than usual. We stopped for a snack then about an hour later came upon a massive pool of water. We were both shocked! We filtered some then pressed on but what a nice treat since we were both low on water! Ahhh, then a bit more down, one steep climb, one more mellow climb, a stop for lunch then down, one final climb and one last drop right to the ocean! Ahhhhh! I had music in most of the day, and just soaked up the sun and the views. We wrote in a trail log as we finished the last bit of trail and walked to a gas station for ice cream and water.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at a crowded beach just laying in the sun. We're camped on the beach tonight and are spending the day at another beach tomorrow before heading to the hostel for showers and laundry.

Welp. That's all the blogging for now. I'll try to post a post INT summary and then there will definitely be some photo posts once I'm back in the states! Another 500 miles down!