After a pretty blah day yesterday, I woke up feeling better today. Mornings are pretty routine with the oats now and the trail started with a steep accent, some ridge walking then a few kilometers through mostly flat wadis. We took a break under a tree for the shade and polished off most of a giant ho-ho type thing that was pretty much just sugar.

After a break more climbing on another karbolet - this one was much easier. It still climbed a decent amount and offered some amazing 360 views from the top, but was less tough. We walked with music in our ears almost all day, and after the descent and passing some other northbound hikers, we stopped for lunch under another tree. Cheers to all these desert trees, they are so so welcome. We ate, read and dried out the dewy tent. After lunch there was one more short climb followed by two steep downhill sections. Not the most exciting day, and because of the music I honestly didn't ponder much. Sorry it's kind of boring, but the views and the simplicity of the whole thing are what it's for anyways!

Also I have a rash on my legs and it's spreading so we’ll see what happens with that.