28 km


Woof. Another long day.

Slept well all cowboyed up in my sleeping bag, even though everything was damp and kind of soggy when I woke up. We sat in bed as we made our oats, just like every morning, and then packed up. Russ packed up so fast I was shocked. Also, there were two seemingly very religious Jews wandering and praying (so early they do this, it's nuts) that made it very tricky to find privacy and pee.

We were the first group out of the campground and the morning moved slow as the sun lazily dragged itself up. This is also because we were slowly lowering into a canyon with massive walls. The hiking was slow but beautiful and after 4km or so you climb straight back out, to a flat rolly bland hill top. Rock city. From there we pressed on and had a snack around 9. We missed a descriptor in the book which is always kind of tough, because it's hard to know if you’re just hiking super slow or if you missed it. Anyways, from snack break we dropped down to a 4x4 dirt road that took us along the craters edge primarily into town. The walk had its ups and downs that I'm not going to get into in depth here I'll just say, it's really tough being someone who is a planner and having no idea what your life plan is with two weeks left of traveling. Also it's hard on a relationship.

We were both short on water this section so we made lunch brief since there is absolutely no shade anywhere. We slogged dryly under the sun and made it to town close to three, where we went straight to the supermarket and stuffed strawberries and drinks galore into our faces.

We relaxed in a park for a bit just to process then went back in for resupply shopping. We shopped and after an hour, we crammed the food in our packs and walked to our Angels’ house a few minutes away. We're staying with a sweet artist couple who own a ceramic studio and have a young kid. Our room is as wide as the beds but we don't need much more. I had a Skype interview after a much needed shower then we ate dinner and caught up on Internet stuff. Now time for some sleep, and hopefully not being short on water again.