Woke up in the morning to the tent riding really low. A stake had pulled out in the night but everything was still dry so it wasn't a big deal. We ate oats and chatted and Russ was in a good mood. We began hiking and the morning was mellow winding paths through olive groves. We took one wrong turn but caught it pretty quick, just a little bit of extra mud walking. We walked to a road, and crossed it then found ourselves at a bike shop refilling water. Next, we wandered through a "forest" that felt so fake and forced the trees were almost in rows. So strange. We pressed on but lost the trail again and walked through a cow pasture and once again didn't end up that far off trail, just required a lot of stopping and map reading and reassessing. We climbed a small hill then went down the other side, and passed through a small town after that. The trail rolled up and down all day, and we seemed to keep losing the trail.

After the town we were supposed to follow a river - which we never know if that means walk in a river or walk next to it. We kept our feet dry for a while then came to a road that seemed flooded. I also ate it tripping over a low wire fence covered in thorns - so I have a good size welt on my left shin. We rock hopped a substantial way then climbed a fence to avoid the water for a bit by walking through an olive tree grove. The problem was getting out, we were a bit stuck and eventually climbed out at a higher point in the fence which was sketchy to say the least. Once we were over that it was smooth sailing to an old mill. We stopped and had lunch, which was some weird instant spaghetti? We read and let our feet air out then pressed on. I listened to podcasts all afternoon about food and democracy. TED radio hour is gold. The afternoon was pretty uneventful and we are camped on a hill with a view of Haifa. As we set up the tent we were greeted by lots of cows, then, the nice Bedouin man herding them. He spoke very little English but we made the best small talk we could with him, then he went on his way. We played cards and read, then had dinner. Also, no photos from today.