Last night we had a brief conversation about getting up this morning and the tone of it wasn't great. We got up this morning, to a frozen tent and chill in the air. My pack had ice on it which means it was colder than usual. I was packed and ready before Russ, so I stretched and hopped around to stay warm. We started hiking and then got into a conversation rehashing the one from last night. Idk, no need to put it all here we just weren't seeing eye to eye. Eventually I couldn't take the weight of the mood so I put my headphones in and floated off to other places in my head. Most of the morning was climbing, and although it was chilly, the sun was out. After passing over the peak of the first climb Russ got way ahead of me and stopped at the bottom of the hill. I caught up and swear I could smell doughnuts. Hiker hunger was kicking in. We polished off an entire bag of chips as a snack then hit the next climb. More music and more hill. More trash and more olive trees. Oh! We saw a fox! Also, at the top of climb two we hit a road, and continued climbing. I picked up some trash as we walked along the road because it was stuck on a tree and looked so helpless and sad, but I feel so helpless here. It's everywhere. We walked along the road for a while then took a dirt road into a small Arab town. We shared a shawarma and I sent an email, then we climbed to the top of the town. More climbing! The trail then led us through a pine "forest" where we stopped for lunch, reading and tent drying. The sun came out in between massive clouds but there was enough of a breeze to do the trick. After lunch, we pressed onward, and things were pretty uneventful. Poppies are blooming though and they are red and so so beautiful in the sun! This afternoons light was stunning and we climbed up our last hill of the day. We are camped just on the other side of the peak, and we got into camp really early. We read and just had dinner.

Other thoughts - my hips are a huge mess and it's super annoying to not be able to lay on my side. Not sure what the issue is they're just super sore! Help!