This morning we woke up to a dry tent, such a nice feeling! The sky was calm and blue as the sun came up. Russ went to go get his pack (we put all of our food in it and hung it from a fence to try and keep mice out since they were after it) and I stretched. We had breakfast and a slower start than I would have liked but once we were on trail it was an easy morning. Super mellow rolling downhills on dirt roads all morning. We crossed two creeks with dry feet (one we had to get a bit creative) and arrived at a gas station for lunch. It drizzled in the morning but only briefly. At the gas station I spent forever trying to re send some job stuff to an employer who couldn't open my files. Trying to get a job while hiking across the globe is a pain. Eventually we stocked up on snacks and of course right as we headed out, the rain came back. We climbed Mt. Tabor (which very much resembles a boob from the valley), pretty much straight up, as it drizzled. The trail was slick but not terrible. The trail is crazy. It goes straight up this mountain, winds you all the way around it just near the top then you drop down the "other side". Straight up and straight down. Up wasn't bad but within a few minutes of heading down a storm came out of nowhere. We slowly picked our way down, but the slick mud just got worse as the trail resembled a creek more and more. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed simultaneously. The storm was on top of us. We worked our way down until about halfway where we met a dirt road - aka the bail out point. Also I had fallen once and was lucky it wasn't bad, but the trail really isn't safe in the rain. The mud and slick rocks are a disaster waiting to happen.

Anywho, we walked down a paved road to the bottom. As we walked the sun came out and by the bottom, the rain had stopped (amazing rainbows were seen!). We regrouped at a little kiosk to get water and use the bathroom. After I spent an excessive amount of time with my face, hands, and wet butt under the warm heat of the hand dryer, we set off again. We found camp pretty easily and it's drizzling now, but my belly is full of ramen and I have dry clothes and all feels right in the world

Also we can hear call the prayer from the tent... so eerie.