Woke up too early. I had a hard time sleeping knowing my alarm was going to go off early in a room full of people. When it did go off at 6:30 I was up. I was early but went upstairs to meet Russ at 7 in the lobby. He was late so I played solitaire on my phone. When he arrived we wrote a note, left a donation, and then got on the road. We stocked up on food, ate some breakfast in the sun, and then followed some dirt road down and out of Tzfat. We've been doing a lot of choose your own adventure throughout this trail. The maps have a lot of info so we sometimes take alternates. We navigated all morning through dirt roads and only really made two wrong turns. Not too bad. We chatted about cows in the morning, and briefly about some of the news we'd seen in town.

We stopped for a snack break around ten and enjoyed the views and the sun. Did I mention the sun was out? So glorious! We continued on down towards a road and when we got there, we crossed under it through a drainage pipe. Oh INT, how strange you can be!

The next two hour or so we're walking through pretty dense vegetation and found ourselves back in a creek. Creek hopping at the bottom of a canyon. It was honestly the most beautiful the trail had been, despite the constant mud and wet feet. We stopped by some strange and massive concrete "stairs" for lunch then eventually continued on out of the canyon. As we left we saw a few day hikers which was kind of exciting and then, we came across a group of probably close to 30 people, all hiking! We walked with them for a bit and they told us they are also doing the trail. They hike 15 times a year over 5 years! We put some pep in our step and passed them, and stopped at the next road we came to at 4pm. The sun felt amazing and after a short snack break - you know you've had too many Pringles when they taste slightly burnt - then walked down the road for a while. We walked on a trail along the Sea of Galilee for about an hour before setting up camp. The trail wasn't great, and there was trash everywhere. We ended up camping on a white pebble beach area that must be a restaurant in the summer. A dog came running over to us barking like crazy. He gave me a sniff and kept barking - not helpful when you're trying to stealth camp. We decided that despite the one guy near is fishing boat we would just set up camp - no one should care. We had ramen for dinner and after two I was stuffed. We definitely underestimated our food consumption the first few days. Anyways, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep prior and so despite trying to stay awake for some Infinite Jest I didn't last long. I was in out of sleep often. There were a few guys and the dog. I kept hearing them and Russ and I both made sure we had our wallets, passports and other valuables in our tent with us.

I think I was out by 7? But sleep has become tough for me. I have a plushy air mattress, but my hips have issues. I can't lay on my side for more than five or ten minutes without pretty solid pain. It's frustrating. I wish I could sleep on my back so badly. Oh well. Gonna try Advil tomorrow night.