20 km 

Yay! Day one! It feels so good to walk again mentally.

We woke up early and took a series of buses to the northern tip of the county. We got off the third bus at a regular stop on the side of the road and it was raining already. We walked down the road and found the "official" starting point of the trail. We started at around 11:30, and walked in the rain for a while. My umbrella already broke but it still works pretty well, and it's warm enough that I don't mind having a hand out of my jacket to hold it! Yay umbrellas! Anyways, the rain slowed down then stopped and everything was peachy for a while. Sunshine and trail. The trail is strange and we are still figuring out how to read our guidebook/maps/trailmarkers. This trail also is mostly dirt roads, and paved roads, and the occasional trail. The dirt roads are nice, Chips and I have the chance to walk side by side - something we've never done on trail before. We stopped for lunch as some looming clouds rolled in over the mountain and enjoyed the sun some more. Before we left Haifa, the weather called for 3 days of rain so we'll see how it goes. Also mud. We read the blog of a girl who did the PCT and is currently a few weeks ahead of us on trail. She warned about the mud but it's crazy. It sticks to your shoes so badly, and not only makes your feet super heavy but also makes things weirdly slick, I'm sure tomorrow will bring more, I just hope I don't lose a shoe to it. We're camped just off the trail, where we found a small faucet and replenished our water since there aren't really natural sources. Dinner was lentils with red peppers. Yay for vegetables. We set up the tent and got dinner cooked just in time because it's now raining. It seems to come in waves and tomorrow's forecast is very wet. Hopefully it'll be sun every day after that. That's all for now!

A few notes - I'm desperately going to try and write daily with the hopes of better cataloging the weirdness that is my head during thru hiking, and as documentation. Also, all mileage will be in km, because I'm trying to train my brain. Our guidebook is in km so my brain needs to be as well - and if you’re reading this you probably have access to the all-knowing internet for conversions. I am carrying my camera, so pictures are going to be limited until I get home. My body hurts too. All the old injuries said hello today. Everything needs to adjust to the extra weight again, since it definitely does a number on my hips - they bruise then get over it, and my collar bone gets lumpy. Oh well. I'm a happy little walking guac in my head. My eyes take in the views (although we're really not in the woods) and all of my stress feels lifted.