23 km


Tent was frozen again this morning.

We got on trail around 7:15 this morning and despite the cold we were cruising. My legs burned on the smallest of climbs which is left over from yesterday, heavy legs means yesterday was tough. We walked the mellow morning with headphones in at a very brisk pace. My body snapped into PCT speed chiller mode quickly after one hard day.

The trail was easy and rolled up and down for fourteen km. We passed a rock field full of dark igneous rocks laid out in words, quotes, and images in the light sand. For some reason it was not emotional but more spiritual. Not sure why.

We took one break then plowed on and finished the books instructions. Next we took a 4 km detour to the town of Midreshet Ben Gurion. We got pita sandwiches and posted up in the small restaurant for a few hours to charge things. We ate, cleaned out our packs, resupplied, got a pizza to go and paid the guy who cached our water.

And once again I'm struggling to stay awake as I write this and it's barely 8pm.

The guy at the falafel shop was fun, and intrigued by us. He asked us questions, and told us he too hopes to hike the PCT someday! He played me some Australian folk music then we hit the trail again... did I mention we got a pizza to go? And Russ had it atop his pack?

We hiked the 4km back to the trail then, after some debate, we ended up climbing most of tomorrow's first climb to a small plateau at the top of the valley walls. The designated campsites here are rock hard ground that is not friendly to people like us who don't have a free standing tent - aka you can’t get stakes in the ground. The climb, like most here, was straight up and had metal rungs. The sun was setting and the white rocks were so beautiful in color. When we got to the top we ate one slice of pizza, then read then set up camp and had more pizza, followed by hot chocolate with bourbon!!!

Another good day in the books. The desert is making me so happy. I'm starting to get chafe so hopefully it doesn't get bad, but I'm happy out here. Everywhere you look is 360 degrees of breathtaking. The desert is magic.