Woke up to the sun!! And a dry tent!!! Hopefully the rain is gone forever!

We woke up to Russ's food bag about 20 ft. from the tent, and pretty tattered. We speculate it was a coyote or something? Anyways it took a ramen, some granola, and tried but didn't like our dried veggies. After assessing the bag, Russ left to go do phone stuff a little ways back where we had service on trail. I lounged in bed and made some breakfast, watching as the sun rose slowly and painted the clouds in the sky pinks and purples. Once Russ got back, we packed up and got on trail. The morning was pretty easy, and as we got to our first large descent, we ran into a group of twenty middle aged hikers with day packs. We chatted with them for a while and they fed us homemade treats and tea! Then, we dropped into a canyon, and hiked in it for an hour or so. The sun was warm and even almost getting hot. Finally.

We took another snack break and polished off a bag of chips. We could see the climb ahead of us and greasy potato chip hands weren't going to help much on the 30ft ladder. We climbed up a steep hill, then the ladder, then metal rungs and although some parts were kind of sketchy with a backpack on, we got to the top.

Israelis are really big on coffee in nature, and we ran into a couple taking in the view. They offered us coffee and more snacks, so we took off our packs and chatted with them for a while. They were young and sweet and nice to chat with, and gave us some tips on places to stay. As we pressed on we took a wrong turn, but it wasn't too far off track and we kept running into people. We ended up at a road and a parking lot. It's crazy how you can go from feeling so small and far away from everything to seeing tons of people and cars whizzing by so fast.

After another snack break, a quick one, and we were off again. Through an underpass - which was only 4 ft. tall aka too short, causing us both to have to squat kind of strangely - then straight up on something that took us a good 10 minutes of sketchy climbing to realize was a wrong turn. Back down, then more straight up on the actual trail. The earth here is crazy. It has layers that have been rotated at such crazy angles it's hard to describe. My shoes have next to no tread left so the climb was tough. Also, it was just steep. After one big climb things mellowed out for a while, and the rest of the day was pretty relaxing, music in ears taking in the views. We eventually made our way down and finished the day with some road walking to a plant of sorts where they have water. The ground at the designated spot was too hard to put stakes into, so we're camped back up the road just off the trail.


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