Ahhh. The on trail zero. So nice.

We woke up to almost no clouds in the sky but knew what had been predicted as far as weather. We loaded our faces with oats and Nesquik then got on trail close to seven. It took an hour to get across the canyon floor. From there, you climb all the way out in 1 km, which is basically straight up, and very steep and questionable at times. The climb was tough and we took a few breaks, but the views were amazing, and the clouds were rolling in. The top of the crater was strange, because it's so flat all of the sudden. It's very abrupt.

Once we were out the rain set in pretty quickly. The wind was gusting and it drizzled then stopped. We made our way towards a military base for water which was really easy to access, then looked for a place to camp. The temperature was dropping and the wind was picking up. The clouds moved slow but covered the whole sky and shortly after setting up the tent, the rain set in. Also, it was 10am.

The rest of the day was tent bound. The wind gusted and rain pelted down, but man was it good to be inside the tent. We ate, made hot chocolate, read, played cards and chatted. A full day of lounging in the dry warmth of sleeping bags in the tent (although this tent needs some seam sealing love).

As night fell the rain slowed and I'm hoping it's over for a while. We're both well rested and ready for a tough few days ahead. Tomorrow we're supposed to climb a metal ladder that spans 10 meters with fully loaded packs, and the following day is the book’s proclaimed hardest day on the whole trail, but the book sucks and we can barely read it at night... so we'll see.

Also I feel so lucky to be able to spend an entire day in a small space, with Russ, and not want to kill each other. Nothing but good times. I was also pondering the idea of being unplugged and how much I really enjoy spending quality time with him and I'm really hoping to be truly disconnected more when I get home.