Once again, writing this one a day late, because I took Valentine's Day off... sue me.

Anyways, woke up and did last minute arrangement and organization of our stuff, then had poached eggs and veggies cooked just the way I like it by my sweetie for Valentine's Day. We were out on trail by about 9:30 after saying goodbye to Zo. Desert. I was so ready for real desert, yet as we walked down away from town the clouds rolled in and within 20 minutes we were re organizing and putting on rain gear. It was windy all day but it only rained for a few minutes. We walked in a dry river valley canyon thing then straight up to a mountain top. Like. Straight. With 6 days of food and 2 days of water. We took it slow and hid behind a little monument wall at the top for some wind shelter while we snacked. There were a bunch of groups of boys that seemed to be in their early twenties? I have no clue what they were doing. They were all just lounging at the top, and they had two "support" type vehicles with then that had come up the back side of the mountain. They all had packs too. No idea what kind of group it was.

After snacks we pressed on, through the wind as the sun peeked out every once and a while from behind the clouds. We both put on some jams and bopped along the road since the wind was so loud you could barely hear yourself think. We passed a few more groups of boys as we walked. Eventually we stopped for lunch at the top of the next canyon. We had PB&J’s and again snuggled up behind a rock for wind shelter. Clouds flew across the sky and you never knew what was going to drop rain.

Once we dropped into the canyon, we followed it almost the entire rest of the day. In the afternoon the sun came out and we got very close to some packs of camels that were seemingly pretty friendly. They're such funky creatures. The trail walked through some narrow chutes and at times was wide. We talked about flash floods and what to do, since I've never really had to think about them.

The day seemed to drag and my feet hurt from all the rocks, but at least the sun was shining. The last few km went by pretty quick and we were at camp by 5ish. Because we are in the desert there are designated campsites, so we picked a tent site and set up camp. Dinner was ravioli with pasta sauce! So yummy and a nice treat. We ate as the stars came up then had special Valentine's Day movie night! We watched the Darjeeling Limited. A movie both Russ and I realized we had always fallen asleep during and never really seen. We both stayed awake by some miracle and it was actually very good!

Then bed.


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