Okay so I'm cheating this one and writing it a little late, but oh well.

Yesterday we woke up to... drum roll please... rain! It drizzled for a while, then got aggressive for a bit, then mellowed out again and had stopped by 8 or so. When it did, we packed up as fast as we could and hit the road. 12 km to town. We walked through some very muddy orchards and chatted along the way. It was cool and the skies were grey all morning, but the rain held off. The landscape was changing once we got closer to town, lots of rocks. The desert is starting! We followed the trail as it crossed a creek many times (not sure how often the creek is flowing though honestly) and made our way up the gradual accent to town. Upon arrival, our first stop was the mall. We stuffed some pizza into our faces to calm the immediate hunger then spent two hours shopping, and repackaging all of our food for the next 6 days. That's 6 days of food and two days of water when we hike out of here. Aka an additional almost 18 lbs of stuff on my back. Should be interesting.

When we were at market, we were stopped by a girl in a cactus printed poncho/dress who said "hey you’re that girl hiking the INT! I know you from Instagram". Holy shit. I was in awe! Such a cool feeling. We chatted with her for a bit and then got back to shopping. Once we had fully reorganized all of the food, put on our heavy packs and headed to find our trail angels’ house. As we did, it drizzled on us. Yay? We finally found it and when we walked in, Zo (girl from the market) was there! We met our hosts who are a bunch of pre-military kids, living in a big apartment that's just kind of messy all over. They all left, and we regrouped a bit, showered and so on, then went out for Chinese food. I shoveled that plate of noodles in my face so fast it was terrifying. We chatted with Zo and got to know her a bit - she's an adorable photographer from Poland, who didn't know or hadn’t yet experienced the hiker hunger in full effect. Anyways then we came home for more gear repair, snacking and to catch up on the internet.

Russ and I slept in the living room on a pull out couch so we had to wait for the "kids" to go to bed which happened at 11 or so? Way past my bedtime.

Also some kid at the mall dropped his ammo cartridge out of his assault rifle and bullets were rolling around on the floor, in the mall, and everyone was casual about it with the exception of Russ and me.


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