Woke up and before we were out of eyesight from where we had camped I ate it. Down like a sack of potatoes. I think I was still half asleep. The slick rocks and morning dew are a tough combo to navigate, and down I went, hard. It took me a minute to get up and I got that old snuffly and huffily feeling you get when you’re about to cry. I took a deep breath and Russ gave me a hug, then we pressed on. We headed down a hill and arrived in a small town after an hour? Maybe two? Sometime time matters when I hike and sometimes it totally doesn't. We stopped in the grocery store and got some fresh stuff for sandwiches that we promptly stuffed in our faces while hoboing outside the store kind of in the back, but in the sun.

Next, we walked on a road for a bit to the other side of the valley then we promptly took off layers, plugged in headphones and up. A pretty steep up, on a real trail! It was actually really nice! We took a break at a picnic area and snacked as we watched runners and bikers go by on a dirt road, then headed up so more to the town of Isfiya. We caught a bus within minutes of arriving at the bus stop and whooshed down the giant hill we had just climbed. At first, we had our packs on seats but the bus got more and more crowded and eventually we were smooshed into our seats with our giant packs on our laps. The bus sped around and I people watched, wondering what the stories were behind the people as they came and went. I watched an old lady who sat across from me watch the world go by. She had to have been in her 80s, and I desperately wondered what her story was.

The lower we got the less crowded the bus became again and we got off back at a supermarket near BatSheva's house. People were bustling every which way with Shabbat madness. The store closes at 2 and we arrived close to 130, so we resupplied as quickly as we could then got a shawarma nearby. We soaked in the sun some more, then got ice cream and walked to Sheva's. After we got to her place she headed out for a bit and we showered and caught up on whatever stuff.

Russ did our laundry at the laundromat and I applied to more jobs. When he got home we had soup that Sheva had made and some grilled cheeses (which apparently isn't a thing that Israelis do well?), then some gear repair, chatting, and bed.