Once again I'm exhausted. I think it has to do with the daylight. It's dark by 6, like really dark. Anyways. Today we met our first north bound thru hiker! He sounded British but had a Canadian pin on his hat. He was very kind!

I woke up at 5:30. Easy to wake up early when you fall asleep at 7 something. I played some solitaire and finished yesterday's blog, then laid in bed. Russ' alarm went off at six something and as it did it started to drizzle. We decided to lounge in bed and see if we could check the weather, but as we did the thunder roared and lighting cracked not far behind it. Somehow we're in the middle of a storm again but at least we’re in the tent. We had breakfast since I was hungry and then lounged around as the rain pelted the tent in a variety of patterns. Eventually, it started to get lighter and we decided we couldn't stay in bed all day so we might as well face the rain, as it was mellowing out. We slowly packed our things and the rain slowed to a slight drizzle. I put on some music to distract myself and within ten minutes out of the tent, the sun came out. We both delayered and pressed on through dirt roads with slick, heavy mud. Aside from a quick water stop, we spent the morning in the mild sun, plodding through the mud chatting and bopping to music (I did most of the bopping for both of us). Lunch was at the top of Mt. Sahara - second tallest place on trail. The top had a nice view so we had lunch in the sun as the tent dried out.

Within a few moments of being done with lunch, we were hustling to pack everything up as there was a wall of rain coming straight at us. Within five minutes of getting on trail it was windy and pelting cold rain again. My legs were turning purple. Russ offered me his rain pants which I declined then accepted moments later. I'm usual stupidly stubborn but today, I didn't let myself be that way and I was amazed. The pants were also amazing, which was shocking because I usually hate rain pants. Russ walked in front of me as we got smacked around on top of the ridge. Eventually I caught him and we saw a huge herd of camels (this is the point in the trail I think where cows are swapped out for camels). They looked so cute from far away as they all trotted along. I wondered what they must think of the rain - their footprints were super slidey in the mud too! As we headed down, the rain eased up and the sun came out once more. We chatted and worked our way to the bottom where we crossed paths with the other thru hiker. Must be cool to be older and still thru hiking. I hope I still do this stuff when I'm old.

The rest of the day was more dirt road walking/ mud slogging. We got off trail once, passed a Bedouin type village and some kids on bikes and are camped in the middle of an orchard - of some tree that I'm not sure what it produces.

Other random thoughts I had: the sounds of nature and its natural orchestra, also how much I want horses in my future.