So towns on the PCT used to stress me out. On the INT, we go through small towns almost daily. But Tel Aviv took me right back to my PCT town feelings. So much to be done, never enough time.

We woke up this morning and packed our things. My shirt got dyed kind of blue in the wash, so now I'm sporting a blueish shirt! First on the to do list was resupply, which wasn't too bad in a good sized grocery store. We've learned if we shop hungry we usually get the right amount of food for hiking. After repacking everything after checkout, and realizing just how wasteful packaging can be, we were onto errands. We both had a small list of things we needed so we split up and did some shopping. We were both very unsuccessful. I got a pair of socks and Russ got a new sleeping pad but that's all, and we were both kind of frustrated with the lack of anything we needed. I keep wondering why. I blame it on Tel Aviv, a city I just don't seem to jive with. No new shoes, aka rough feet and beat up Altras until the end! We got a snack then headed to the bus stop where things continued to not work out. Our bus was late, so we missed the second bus we needed to make. Then, we ended up at the train station instead of a bus stop, so we took a train south, but missed our stop and had to backtrack.

The second train was full of military kids. So strange this country is. Nothing was working. It's bad enough we had to skip miles, now it was hurry up and wait all day only to end up in the wrong spot and road walk for two hours before getting back on trail. As we walked I podcasted because my feet don't like the pavement and I was in a mood still from town. I was frustrated with the way Russ handled the navigation and mad we had hustled around all morning, just to sit around at the train station. Sometimes we seem like sandpaper, just both gritty and bumping into each other scratching the surface. Whatever though, in the past. Time to walk. We walked for a while on the road then got on some dirt roads, and past some ripe lemons and zucchini (so we took one of each). We stopped by the side of the road and snacked on some grape leaves which have become one of my favorite grocery store treats. They are too heavy to pack out but because of the bus madness we were eating them now. As the walk went on I felt my body easing into things and getting happier as the sun started to drop lower in the sky. I also downloaded a playlist of songs from Wes Anderson movies which I'm only a few songs into but I'm pretty sure it's walking gold. We set up camp kind of early, so there was time for Infinite Jest before dinner (gnocchi with sauce, zucchini, and cheese... so fancy!). Now post dinner coma, making arrangements for water caching in the desert, and more book. Ahhh how good the simple life is. It feels so good to be out of Tel Aviv.