25 km


As I write this, the southing sound of ocean is in the background. Also is anyone sick of this? I worry sometimes that it's going to be super boring for people to read my day to day blabbing. Oh well?

In the middle of the night the tent rained on me. I could hear the drops falling on my sleeping bag, but when I woke up it was mostly dry. We had oats and got moving, Russ was mopey. We came to an underpass to avoid walking across the railroad tracks that couldn't have been more than 3 ft. high. This trail feels like a strange joke at times. We crawled through, both struggling and laughing, and took a break on the other end where I finally asked what the mope was all about. We talked about it but it didn't make it go away. The next section of trail was thick sandy road which was slow going, especially with the mood being kind of low. My head wandered to thoughts of possible jobs and such, pros and cons to different places I've applied, and thoughts of living east again despite not loving it. I thought about hiking, and how I feel like I hate it sometime, and how much less rewarding this trail feels. I'm just walking. Not even anywhere special. Idk what I'm doing anymore.

As we pressed on we detoured off trail to try and find fuel but had no luck. By the time we left the shopping center I was pretty fed up. Russ doesn't always understand when I think things should be swift, or urgent. Also, the book sucks and I'm learning to trust very little of it. It's so close to being useless. I'm not sure how it got published, and would love to write a letter to the authors (I honestly think I'm going to when I'm done). Anyways, by the time we left the shopping center I was over it. We walked back to the beach and I was ready to cruise. Start and stop isn't really my style, but also hunger stinks. We walked for an hour or so then had to stop, fuel was needed. We snacked, and I felt better, and after the tent was dry we read some Infinite Jest. Also the beach here is really beautiful. The water is stunning, and I don't know if it will get old. After packing up lunch we continued on the beach for a while, then up (an elevator... aka dreams do come true) to a promenade full of art and water fountains and views. The town seemed nicer than most Israeli cities. Everything seemed just a bit more polished and completed. I like it here.

We stopped a few times along the promenade to take in the view, or play on swings, then found our way back down to the beach. Aka home.

We watched the sun set and read. Once people started leaving we set up big bird and cooked a large large quantity of Mac n cheese (we didn't finish it all in one sitting which is how you know it's a lot of food). Now we're snuggled up by the ocean. Perfection. Sweet dreams


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