Ahhh waking up in a bed and using a toilet to pee in the morning is nice. We slept in, tossed around in bed and listened to BatSheva hit her snooze button at least seven times? By the time we got back to the trail it was almost noon, but whatever. I'm trying to go with the flow more, and Sheva is not a morning person. At allllll.

She dropped us at the trailhead on the side of the road and off we went. The trail was nice today. We walked through Wadi Chiq, which included some climbing down metal rung bars, and to the summit of a nearby mountain where we stopped for a snack. Day hikers were everywhere because it's their one day off a week. My feet were slipping around all afternoon and I moved slowly on the descent. My stomach was doing strange things and I was tired. My knees pinched and I moved slowly, but sometimes that's all you can do. The bottom was a picnic area, where I ended up eating 6 cookies without realizing it. Whoops? Oh well. Cookies make the pain go away usually.

Next we climbed up a hundred or so steps to a really nice cave, then up more to a viewpoint where you could see the ocean! From there, the sun was setting and we strolled down through a really nice artist town called Ein Hod. We called it a day at the bottom of the hill just past town in a really pretty olive grove. Dinner was tasty and we ate as the sun set and lit up the clouds and hills behind us.

Town was nice but it's good to be back out walking. This trail is so different but it's growing on me daily. I've noticed I spend a good bit of time envisioning my future based of different job selections but it's weird because some of the places my brain goes are so far-fetched. It's only 7pm but I'm exhausted, also I think once it's dark my body is ready for sleeping.

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