This should be a short one. I'm in Sierra City for the night, which is mostly just a road with a general store. After leaving Tahoe with the speed chillen crew again, I got a solid day and a half of peace before the sickness hit. The rest of the crew had a bug in Tahoe and now it was my time. After lunch on my second day out my stomach started to rumble, and fatigue was setting in. By 5pm Whitney was puking and we were forced to cut the day short by 8 miles. Great. I already felt behind and this wasn't helping. I set up camp since he was weak (which is super easy now that we both have hammocks), and within a few hours I was super nauseous and feverish. Hammocks are nice because they gently rock you to sleep, right? - not nice when your on the verge of throwing up for hours. After about an hour, I kept getting really close to puking but no success, and at this point I moved to the ground, and tossed and turned in pain on the ground until about 4 am. The next morning I honestly didn't feel much better, and neither did Whitney ( he had been up all night puking and struggling to keep down water). I figured it was a matter of time before that was me, but it was soon noon and nothing but aches, and stomach pain. We packed up camp in the most sluggish manner and set out to hike. I was in bleak shape, even the slightest hill felt like Everest. We hiked in 20 to 30 minute segments, then took 20 minute breaks roughly. My stomach hurt so bad and I felt so weak, it was so discouraging. I've never hiked 6 slower more exhausting miles in my life I don't think. 

I collapsed onto a picnic table at the end of those 6 miles feeling like death. Also, all I had eaten was a pop tart. All day. Not good for someone who is burning 5,000 - 6,000 on average. Whitney set up his hammock and I climbed and shivered in the fetal position while he made some calls. An old co worker of his happens to live in Tahoe city and wanted to help out. 


Magic people. The trail is magic. Not ever 24 hours prior I had been dreaming of a couch, a dog and soup (oh and my mom), next thing I knew I was in the back of a Subaru, with a fluffy black mutt licking the daylights out of my face. Melissa, a lovely trail angel picked us up and took us to her house for some rest and relaxation. I collapsed on the couch and got down a few bites of home made pho. The pain seemed to hit after I ate, then fade and leave me feverish and tired. The next day is a blur of friends season 1 and sleep. Once again, very little food, and what food was had was followed by pain. The next day was similar although the fever was fading. 

Whitney was feeling way better and so we headed back to the trail, and donner pass. He got a footlong sub and I forced down a 4" sub ( who knew they came so small!). After attempts at getting Pokemon go! To work, we hiked back about a 1/4 mile to get away from the road and camped. 

We were off to a good start - 3 miles by ten (this a joke, it's terribly slow). We hung out in a cabin, with some folks who were hammocking and had a super cute dog by the name of tyberius! The rest of the day was mellow. My appetite was still bleak though, and what little food I did get down left me writhing in pain on the ground an hour after eating. Yay! Blah, anyways, 22 miles later, I ate some noodles and crashed. Today was another bleak day food wise, and 16 miles later I ran into a whole crew of people I haven't seen since mile 250 or so. Craziness!

Whitney and I are waiting for caveman and Oilcan, then hiking out tomorrow when they arrive. Hopefully this stomach thing gives up because hiking this much on so few calories is getting old.  


Thats all for now! Almost half way!  

Tyberius, hammocks and hiker trash. 

Tyberius, hammocks and hiker trash.