The past few weeks have been strange. I quit my job, took a day to go skiing then immediately started a Wilderness First Responder class. The class was run by NOLS, and was 9 straight days of intensive lectures, mock scenarios, and getting to know some amazing people. **Highly recommend this course to anyone who spends lots of time in the backcountry** 

Since then, I've had a few days to move out of my apartment and into my car (along with stuff scattered with various friends). Yesterday I handed over the keys to my apartment and more saddened by it than I thought I would be. I've always loved traveling and adventuring, yet for some reason leaving Portland is proving to be a bit harder than I thought. During my time here I have had so many amazing experiences and met so many amazing people. Bittersweet doesn't even begin to describe it.

The weather in Portland has been crazy this week (so much sun its doesn't feel real), so I'm gonna cut this one short so I can get outside. Also, here's a doofy quote about courage.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” - Maya Angelou

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