I want to start this post off by saying I am not a writer or real blogger. Nor will I ever be. Blah. Just had to get that out of my system.

I have no real clue what i'm doing here other than creating a place to dump my thoughts and ramble. At the end of April I will be flying to southern cali and trying to walk my way back to up north to the Canadian border. As more and more people find out about my trip, I've gotten a lot of questions about how people will stay in touch - so hopefully this will be one method to check in on my mental state. Also, you can always just text me! 

Between finalizing my gear list, sorting out re-ration locations/food, trying to get in decent shape, and keep up my portland life and job, things are a little crazy. I am going to try and post here with update as much as possible - since posts from the trail will probably be minimal. Anyways, here we go! 

Just a few things for now: I received a stack of maps on Friday that seriously might be an entire ream of paper, so thats a little daunting. Also my tent came in the mail last week and I am so eager to try it out - is winter over yet? The fabric it's made of is cuben fiber - aka some kind of crazy magical fabric that looks like it would shred if you look at it wrong but claims to be super strong and dry. So many people swear by it - so we'll find out soon enough! 

More to come soon!