Okay. So, it's been a while but I'm back at it. I'm currently on my newest adventure, but before getting into where I am currently, I figured I'd catch you all up on the last few months.


After finishing the trail my life felt like a whirlwind that landed me back home. With no real job, I found my days stretching into an abyss. The short days and cold temperatures in upstate New York didn't help. I had emotional ups and downs, and as I got busier and made plans things got better.


A lot of people were posting about ptd - post trail depression, something most people who have spent five months in the woods can understand. The trail provides a family, and a simple comfort that becomes normalized. Once that structure of walking everyday is gone, it's tough to get out of bed in the morning. As many of you know, I tore a ligament so physical therapy was my best friend and as I started to see results my mood improved pretty dramatically. While living at home is both amazing and extremely difficult, I got out enough to make it bearable.


A few road trips, short hiking trips and days spent working for my dad later, I found myself at JFK airport, headed to Israel. I will be spending three months abroad and adding another 600 mile of trail to my long distance hiking career. 


The plan is as follows - 10 days of intensive guided tour with a group of 50 other people all throughout Israel ( which is about the size of New Jersey) followed by some time in Greece and Jordan. Lastly, Chips and I will be headed out to hike the Israeli National Trail for a month and some change before heading home. 


That's about it for now. More to come shortly!