So I have done a bunch of reading and some of it really related to what I am doing and some of it was more general, but I don't want to bore you with a long summary of what I read because I don't think thats really the point of a blog. What I have done is pulled some quotes from my readings that related to my project... and some I just found interesting in a more general sense. 


A Lesson from Alfredo Jaar from Constant Conversations

"As creatives, we would not only be providing solutions, but also conversation starters thanks to our ability of providing a place for association, reflection, and progress.”

Emotional Design by Donald Norman 

"Aesthetically pleasing objects enable you to work better. " "Conditions that appear to produce automatic negative affect : empty or flat terrain, sharp objects, height, looming objects" 

Do people prefer curved objects? Angularity, Expertise, and Aesthetic Preference. by Paul J. Silva and Christopher M. Barona from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

"Angular Lines were associated with feelings such agitating, hard, furious and serious. "

"Angularity conveys a sense of threat. Angles metaphorically express threat, they propose, because sharp and jagged objects are often dangerous.  "

"Expertise interacted with angularity: angularity reduced preference only at lover levels of expertise in the arts. As expertise increases, the effect of angularity decreased."

Experiencing Meanings in Geometry by David W. Henderson and Daina Taimina  

"Mathematics is actually an aesthetic subject almost entirely. Through the use of non-formal experience and geometric imagery, many levels of meaning in mathematics can be opened up in a way that most people can experience and find intellectually challenging and stimulating. "

"The choice made by artists as they construct their pictures may appear to be quite arbitrary but those choices are guided by the goal of transmitting their visions, complete with insights and meaning, to other minds. "

"We believe that the understanding of meaning in mathematics (often through aesthetic experiences) comes before an understanding of the analytic formalisms. "

Scale bound or Scaling Shapes by Benoit B. Mandelbrot

"The relationship between art and mathematics had a more or less precise starting point but it is never ending. "

"It makes at lease a little sense to consider that the role of scaling in representational figurative and non figurative pictures could well be influenced by the role of scaling in nature. "

 "Some crystals are good examples of scale bound objects, but somehow they do seem less ‘natural’ than the complex shapes of a coastline. "

Beyond Geometry by Lynn Zelevansky

“Our artistic expression multiply the lines of the horizon to the infinate and in infinate directions.”

Max Bill advocated for “a new form of art which could be founded to quite a substantial degree on a mathematical line of approach to its content”