Not really though, Nigel Whiteley is way better though. 

I read a good chunk of Design for Society by Nigel Whiteley and hope to read the whole thing in the future. I really enjoyed what Whiteley had to say and wanted to share some of it with you. Some of it is more related than other parts but I just found a lot of it interesting in general. Enjoy! 

  • We need to re-invent what we do. We can take responsibility for the environmental and social effects of our work.
  • Design has managed somehow to evade blame for the negative consequences of its role in our thoroughly modern living. 
  • Breuer called for “clear and logical forms, based on rational principles’. The ‘logic’ of the forms would be determined from the objects primary function and ergonomics requirements. 
  • I consider ‘white’ a very versatile and beautiful color; at the same time it is the brightest color - there is seldom a reason to replace it with any other color. Living things appear more intense in bright monochromatic rooms, and this is important to me. 
  • By giving a product a fashionable appearance, the designer was virtually guaranteeing that it would look old-fashioned in two or three years time, and so was building in style obsolescence. 
  • Good industrial design means mass acceptance. No matter how beautiful a product may be, if it doesn’t meet this test, the designer has failed of his purpose. 
  • The real issue is whether consumer-led design is part of the solution to society’s problems, or whether it is a cause of those problems. 
  • Manipulation is a loaded word, and it would be indefensible to claim there was no manipulation in consumer-led design. 
  • Pleasure is not a state of being so much as a quality of experience
  • It seems at times as if design has become merely an offshoot of fashion. 
  • Design for public goods often means design by committee, and then shoving it down an unwilling publics throat. 
  • If industrial design were a person it would be a whining and insecure adolescent... or perhaps a boastful drunk in a pub.